Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A Great Sadness

Yesterday, our chicken Daisy died.

We noticed on Sunday afternoon she was not feeling well; she was standing in the vegetable garden, feathers all fluffed, and sleeping. We brought her in the shed, and put her in a plastic bin with shavings, and did some research. We think she had an impacted crop, possibly from eating some apple peels I gave the chickens on Friday evening. According to one chicken website, long strands of grass or apple peels can become impacted in the crop. Some chickens are able to recover on their own. We got yogurt, one remedy we read about, but to no avail.

I feel very bad about it, especially as I was the one who gave the girls the apple peels. Poor Daisy, I can only hope she didn't have too much pain or suffer much.


Jenn said...

Oh dear. So sorry to hear this.

Don't be too hard on yourself, you didn't know.

Anonymous said...

We live and learn. So sorry. Mom

Weezer said...

Hi guys, so sorry to hear about Daisy not making it.