Sunday, October 07, 2007

End of the garden

We started putting the garden to bed yesterday, harvesting the remaining veggies and then pulling the plants. On the left are the Lemon Drop peppers. The orange are the riper peppers, the remaining are a light greenish yellow. On the right are the sweet peppers, a mix of Johnny's Carmen, Italia, and Sweet Banana.

It is so sad, but now we have the fun of thinking and planning for next year, and of course, savoring the foods we've put up for the long winter months.

We picked most of the remaining peppers, but I left a couple of plants with small peppers growing just in case the warm weather continues and delays a killing frost.

We pulled the zucchini and pumpkin vines. Our fabulous zucchini, riddled with powdery mildew, was still producing squash, and amidst the dying vines, I found 2 more pumpkins.

We also harvested all of the basil plants, somewhat ravaged by the evil Japanese beetles, but finally with enough leaves to make pesto.

Sunday we will tackle the tomato plants, and make some additional roasted tomato sauce. I also hope to make a batch of pickled peppers and some hot pepper jelly.

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