Sunday, September 10, 2006

A Glorious Saturday on the water

At last, the weekend arrived, and the weather was beautiful. After a cold and gloomy Labor Day weekend, I was longing for good weather and the chance to get on the water once again. The weather forecasts sounded good...then not so good... then cold and rainy.... Clearly, the weather pattern was unsettled and we would just have to hope for the best.

When our friend and neighbor Karen learned we had kayaks, she agreed with alacrity to bring her kayak home from her family's camp, so we could paddle together. We proposed another trip to Nequasset Lake, to show it to Karen. Other friends heard about the trip and joined us, and on Saturday we all met at the lake for a day on the water.

Karen tried to catch us some lunch with her fly rod, but alas, the fish weren't cooperating, so we made do with our picnic lunches, which, seasoned by sunshine, fresh air and friends, were delicious.

We all agreed we are incredibly fortunate to live in such a beautiful place, with the beautiful natural resources that surround us, and good friends to share the fun. We spent about 6 hours on the water, and I learned the painful lesson that yes, I sunburn easily, even in September. Nonetheless, we'll be back on the water soon. House chores can be done when the snow is on the ground.

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