Monday, September 11, 2006

When chickens give you eggs, make quiche

Sunday dawned clear and sunny, but feeling guilty, we decided we should paint, and I needed to do some laundry. The kayaks sat forlornly against the barn.
We got another 3 eggs from the chickens Sunday. (We now think all of them are laying, even Daisy, our late bloomer. Daisy's comb is growing larger and redder, as did the other chickens' combs before her.) With all these lovely eggs, I decided a quiche was in order, which makes a terrific brown bag lunch. This one is Tomato and Swiss Cheese.

I did another load of wash, and hung it on the line in the sun as the quiche was cooking. (I love
the scent and feel of cotton sheets dried on the line). While I was cooking and laundering, Dan painted the back wall of the barn. Just as I took the quiche from the oven, he came in and said, "It's a really nice day, maybe we should take the boats out."

Before he could change his mind, I was putting on my wet shoes and packing some lunch. More on our paddle down the Cathance River to Merrymeeting Bay next time --right now, time for this early riser to hit the hay, 5 a.m. comes so soon....

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