Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Hello.... anybody home?

Apparently I'm well on my way to the deep south, as my road is well paved with good intentions, but still it has been far to long since I posted to Henbogle. Well, I'm still here, just feeling challenged by the intricate balancing act of job, home, garden, and other life. Whew, where does the time go?

Much of my sense of discontent I attribute to the short, dark days of late fall and winter. It is still light out when I drive off to work, but it is dark when I arrive home, and soon will be dark when I leave in the morning. Today I arrived home in the dark and gingerly felt my way back to Henbogle Coop to check on the girls and batten down the coop door for the night and say hello and goodnight. With all the rain we've been having lately --nearly 5 inches this week-- the entire back yard is soggy and muddy. Although they don't seem to mind the rain, I feel bad for the girls. I am sure they are missing the lovely grass and good eats of the summer.

Fortunately for us humans, the holidays are looming, and I'm enjoying planning for Thanksgiving and our holiday cookie baking extravaganza, when my student workers will join Dan and I for lunch and an afternoon of holiday cookie decorating.

My friend Holly and her partner Dave will be joining Dan and I for Thanksgiving dinner. I'm finalizing the menu now. Holly has promised to make a visit to
Trader Joe's for me, to stock up on the yummy treats they offer that can't be found in my area. On the menu: Turkey with Cornbread and Apple Stuffing, Roasted Squash with Chile Viniagrette, Butter Browned Brussells Sprouts, another green vegetable as yet to be determined, and of course, a pie or two, mince? pumpkin? apple? The New York Times had an interesting story today on pie crusts. I'm still sold on my butter version, but it was interesting reading. While I'm sure I'm not going to be ordering rendered duckfat for my piecrust, the menu may change yet between now and a week from today.

Yikes, a week from today? I'd better get motivated.

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