Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Gnocchi Galore

As planned, I made butternut squash gnocchi out of the remaining squash ravioli filling. The gnocchi were not as light as clouds, but they were tasty. I did not even pretend I was going to shape my gnocchi over the tines of a fork.

I did try a method I read about in a Mario Batali cookbook, shaping the gnocchi between two teaspoons, but in the interest of eating dinner before 10 p.m., soon abandoned that effort and
settled for small, slightly rounded dumpling-shaped gnocchi.

I cooked them in some chicken stock I made this weekend, and served them with steamed broccoli. I kept them warm in a non-stick skillet over very low heat with some butter and dried sage until I had cooked up all the dough. They were a bit time consuming to form, but otherwise the process went pretty quickly and was a delicious meal -- and we have enough for lunch tomorrow. Based on this experiment, will I try making traditional gnocchi? You bet!

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