Sunday, March 02, 2008


Saturday's pizza was so good, I made more today. The microhood works great, I didn't set the smoke detectors off yesterday or today. Whoo hoo!

Pesto Potato with Parmesan

Another Pesto Potato, Artichoke Hearts and Roasted Red Pepper, and Linguica Sausage

Pesto and Parmesan.


Meg said...

mmmm ... those look awesome. At least you guys got to eat good while you were digging out from the snow this weekend. I can't believe how much you're getting dumped on up there!

Kathryn and Ari said...

Gorgeous! Will you share your crust recipe? I have one that I like, but don't love. After seeing these pictures, I have awful dough envy!

Ali said...

Thanks for the compliments, the pizzas were yummy. You can find my crust recipe here:

In this instance, I left the dough in the laundry room for the day --no need to refrigerate in my house in winter! I also used 1 cup of whole wheat flour, and the rest was unbleached white flour (King A). I also did not divide the dough until later about an hour before using. I then divided it, shaped it into a ball, and left it to rest, then formed the crust moments before going into my 500° oven right on the floor tiles.

Have fun!