Thursday, June 29, 2006

On the Road Again

Time for a little roadtrip. We are heading off to visit Dan's parents in upstate New York for a few days. We're leaving the chicks in good hands though -- don't you fret. We've got Antonio on retainer and he'll be keeping busy at Henbogle freshening the cat food, walking Fishy, and taking care of the chicks -- when he isn't busy scraping the barn, painting the barn, or mowing the wretched lawn. Fishy will be in heaven with Antonio around --finally someone on hand who actually likes to give belly rubs! Whoo hoo!

We might be able to squeeze in a garden visit or two, or a trip to a nursery with Dan's mom while we are there. Last year while we were visiting, we made some trips to various gardens. My favorite was Innisfree Garden,
(one of my favorite scenes was this misty water feature) but the gardens and grounds at the Institute for Ecosystem Studies was a close second. We also toured the Vanderbilt Mansion in Hyde Park -- very posh but so stiffly formal it is like stepping into a painting, not a garden.

I am looking forward to some good chats and seeing what Mom has done with her garden -- they just moved in last fall, so there is a lot to do, but the place has great bones, with some beautiful mature shrubs and trees, and great bird habitat. We'll be working on some home handyman projects while we're there, too. Dan has the circular saw all packed and a selection of assorted tools and widgets. After all, it wouldn't do to take too much time away from our DIY projects -- we might lose our edge.

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