Sunday, July 08, 2007

Birthday Happiness

Michelle and Dan appear to have had a grand time celebrating the end of their youth yesterday. The weather cooperated with showers holding off until the presents had been opened.

We enjoyed meeting Michelle's family and of course, spending the afternoon with our dear friends. Michelle's brother Barry even attempted to solve our groundhog problem, but the crafty little rodent escaped, darn.

Yes, I said groundhog problem. A young groundhog has found a way into the chicken yard, probably under the fence somewhere. Yesterday I saw the wily rodent grazing on clover behind Henbogle Coop while the party was in full swing. He showed no interest in departing until Barry arrived with a hoe. I'm sure it will be just a matter of time until it attempts to dig under the fence to the vegetable garden. We need to train the chickens to chase it off.

Today, we are enjoying a relaxed, drizzly Sunday with Kyle and his girlfriend Megan. Thanks to all for coming and for bringing yummy side dishes and gifts! We are lucky to live in a great town and have wonderful friends and family to share the good times.


Anonymous said...

It was a great day! We feel lucky too. Everything was delicious. The cakes were wonderful. I had fun trying almost all the cakes. Thank goodness you saved me from stuffing my self completely with the promise of seeing them again. Of the three I tried, I loved the rum cake best. Maybe, if I hadn't had two pieces of that one, I could have tried the fourth!

Louise & Lee said...

Great pics, happy to hear everyone had a great time. Blogging is great!

meresy_g said...

YOur cakes look great! Sounds like you had a fun time. All except for the groundhog. Speaking from experience, chickens don't care a whip about groundhogs and will not chase them away. We have SEVERAL living under our chicken house, helping themselves from the garden. Grrrr.

Kathy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAN! Can't wait to see you all. We'll have to have another birthday celebration when we visit. Ali- your cakes looked fantastic and I'm sure they tasted like it too. Very convenient having fresh chicken eggs. How is the new brood doing? Do they get along with the other chickens? Love you guys- kathy