Friday, July 06, 2007

Cake, anyone?

Food snob that I am, a sheet cake from the grocery store to celebrate an important birthday just won't do, so today, I made 4 different pound cakes (yes, pound cakes --when you have hens, you make pound cakes!) a deep chocolate cake, with sweet cherry sauce, a buttered rum cake with pecans, a brown sugar pound cake, with peaches in brown sugar syrup, and an orange pound cake with orange custard sauce. That's 6 sticks of butter, 4 cups of sour cream and 22 eggs.

I don't much care for frosting, and I'm not patient enough to frost cakes beautifully. Since I am the baker, I get to choose the cake and I chose frosting-free bundt cakes with sauces that take advantage of the luscious fruits of summer.
I have yet to finish making all the sauces and decorate all the cakes, but will take photos if they turn out camera ready.

The house is as clean as it's been in a year, the yard looks fabulous, and the big thunderstorm this afternoon didn't crush the garden with hail (although I did have to prop up the shasta daisies with tomato cages, sigh). Oh well, we desperately needed the rain, even if it was only 1/2 an inch.

Still to do tomorrow morning: finish the sauces, make the coleslaw, get the pulled pork in the crock-pot to warm up, and a quick clutter patrol. We're ready!


Vincent said...

It sounds delicious! (except for the pecans - personal taste). Did you use the cement mixer to mix all those ingredients? It sounds like a lot of work that you and Dan will be savoring for awhile.

Sugarcamp said...

Sounds yummy. Have a wonderful day, Dan and Ali

Louise & Lee said...

Vinny, that comment about the mixer made me chuckle, but I'm sure if we ask Ali, the mixer in the kitchen was just as rewarding to mix all those beautiful eggs that the girls layed.
...Ali, I agree that sometimes icing just doesn't quite measure up to a great pound cake with or without garnish(s). Hope you guys have a great event.