Thursday, July 05, 2007

T Minus 2 Days

Things here at Henbogle are reaching a fever pitch as we prepare for Dan's and friend Michelle's silver birthday celebration, Together We're 100, on Saturday.

Plans call for the shindig to take place here in the garden unless the weather is downright wet, so we've been working our fingers to the bone to get things looking just so, as they say.

In the vegetable garden, the chard and carrot plot went from weedy to wonderful, well weeded and mulched with our own special blend of leaf mulch and compost.

The rest of the veggie garden was thoroughly weeded and mulched with hay.

Trudy and Trevor Titmouse kept us company while we were working in the garden. They've taken up residence in the nest box on the corner fence post.

The flower gardens are blooming, with the shasta daisies taking center stage.

The poor hydrangea in the front garden is blooming beautifully this year. For several years I was pruning it out of the lilac hedge, not realizing what it was, other than not a lilac --snip!

The coreopsis is blooming in front of the daisies, and in the silver garden along the driveway, the rose campion and veronica are blooming nicely, with the lavender vera and lamb's ears complimenting them at the end of the bed. I know some people prune off the lamb's ear blossoms, but I think they are beautiful in a rather alien way, and the bees love them, so I leave the blossoms.
We need rain, but at this point I hope it holds off until Sunday, at which point a good day-long gentle rain would be most welcome. But not before then.


Louise & Lee said...

We are on the tail end of a thunder storm that lasted a good full hour with lots of very close lightning & LOTS of rain! Too heavy in fact, too much at 1 time. But it's sooo dry, we'll take it. & of course Lee irrigated the day lily bed right before, otherwise it would never have rained! BTW, have fun in the coming days with your party & everything! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAN!

Kathy said...

I'm curious as to why you mulch with hay. Doesn't it seed the garden? I prefer straw for that reason. We'll talk when we come up to visit! love, kathy