Thursday, September 13, 2007

And finally, a ripe tomato (I think)

Wednesday was a red letter day, as I picked my first full-sized ripe tomato from the garden, a Black Krim, seeds purchased on impulse when recommended by another gardener.

According to the
Fedco catalog, "Krims are strikingly iridescent purple on the outside, usually with dark green-black shoulders and noticeable catfacing. Interiors are part black, too, with an unusual juicy yet meaty taste and texture, described as having “…a smoky flavor like a good single malt scotch.”"

Also according to the catalog, Krims should be picked when they are
"half green and still firm. They are dead ripe and perfectly delicious at that stage." Looking through the tangle of overgrown tomato plants, I wasn't sure if they were ready, but gave it a go, and they were indeed delicious, tangy and complex, but very tomato-ey, and meaty like a good beefsteak ought to be. I ate much of it plain, then chopped the remaining tomato into a Nikki's Salad (named after the originator, a very dear friend), chopped fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, feta cheese and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. YUM!

There will be plenty for me as Dan announced he didn't like them. Because they aren't red, like tomatoes should be.


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Sugarcamp said...

All the more for you, Ali. I had a good laugh over that one - not red like a tomato should be. Next year you'll have to put in some real tomatoes for Dan. Mom