Sunday, September 30, 2007

Slinky squirrel trick

This afternoon, we finally got around to trying a tip I read about in a Fine Gardening magazine. We used a Slinky as a squirrel deterrent, fastening the Slinky over the posts of our bird feeders. I can hardly wait to see the squirrels enjoying their new toy.

Clever Dan fastened the Slinky to the pole using a small hose clamp. Once the Slinky was installed, we filled all the feeders. We have an assortment of feeders for all the preferred feeding styles of our backyard birds, but the favorite among the chickadees and finches are the inexpensive tube feeders seen here on the right.

I think it is the t-shaped perch, which allows the birds to directly face the feeder ports. We have similar but higher-end feeders, but without the t-shaped perches, and invariably, these feeders are used only when all the other perches are full or the t-perched feeders are empty.

I'm not a big fan of winter but at least I can enjoy the birds at the feeders all winter.

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