Sunday, December 09, 2007

Counting down the days...

until Spring. I added a countdown timer, over there, just above the "About Me" section.


Tracy said...

Hi, Ali! Got your comments on my blog - it looks like I'm back.

As for counting down to spring - I thought about adding a counter, but right now it seems too depressingly far away. Plus, even though spring officially begins in March, here in Minnesota we all know it really doesn't start until April. (Just like winter hasn't started yet, but we have 10" of snow on the ground and it was below 0 this past weekend!)

Tracy @ Outside

Kim said...

You're killing me! :-)

Ali said...

Here's how to counteract the too long delayed spring:

In 2005, we shoveled the snow off the salad bed, and put on the plastic in early March, and we had baby lettuce and greens for dinner of May 1. That was the earliest harvest, but I'll be trying to break the record again this year!