Monday, December 31, 2007

Snow, and more to come

The total as of 11:51 am from Wunderground was 8.5 inches, and the storm is just now winding down.

The forecast for Tuesday? More snow, although the latest NWS forecast is backing away from earlier heavy snowfall predictions. According to the NWS, it has been the snowiest December in Maine in 10 years.

With our fabulous little electric snowblower, it took us just about 2 hours to do a thorough job of shoveling (deck, driveway, path to oil fill pipe, path to Henbogle Coop) and cleaning off the vehicles. Not bad at all. Time for soup.


Tracy said...

Ali: The snow looks pretty, though! We've also had a snowy December - the most in 50 years. I guess it's back to "regular" winter, at least this year.

I hope your holidays have been great. I'm finally getting back to blogging, although it's been a bit sporadic. Now that seed catalogs are all here, I think I'll be doing a bit more over at Outside.

Happy New Year!

Sugarcamp said...

The leaves on the tree in the front of the house look so pretty against the snow. You really looked snowed in. We had about 8 inches yesterday and expect some more tomorrow. Your popovers looked delicious. A favorite of mine although I only made them once along time ago Mom

Ali said...

Tracy, This winter does seem more like the winters I recall from my youth, with LOTS of snow occurring regularly. Dan read somewhere we've received 36 inches to date -- not that much compared to what I remember, but then again, we are more coastal now than where I grew up in the Western mountains.

Mom, you will have to try the popovers. I don't think the bread flour is a necessity. They were good, and not difficult! The leftovers were great the next day heated in the toaster oven.