Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Chickens caught sneezing by papparazi

Meg over at FutureHouse Farm posted the funniest photos of one of her hen's sneezing that I had to link to it. BTW, Meg's chickens are a similar cross to our Hubbards Golden Comet Chickens, notice how similar they look.


Meg said...

Hey, that's awesome! I'm glad you got a laugh out of the ladies.

I think it was my husband who came across your blog not long ago, and we got SUCH a kick out of your kitchen sink + garden hose combo. That is a great idea.

Ali said...

still can't believe we FOUND that sink by the side of the road with a free sign taped to it.

I love the sink, it is SO nice to be able to wash the veggies out by the garden. Next step is to figure out a way to save the used water -- right now it goes into a french drain.

Aren't chickens great!? I get at least a big smile a day, and frequently a good belly laugh. And eggs.