Saturday, May 26, 2007

Heavenly Scent

This morning I awoke to the intoxicating scent of lilac wafting through the bedroom window on the slight breeze. If I could awaken to that scent more often, I would be in heaven!

Ocho helped make sure I awoke to catch the scent. She likes to lurk in the window sills and birdwatch --she's quite a birder! Fortunately, she's an inside cat.

In the front yard, the flowering crab tree fills the
air with color and scent. The perfume wafts through the window of the upstairs bath, and the light reflecting off the blossoms gives the room a rosy glow. This tree is breathtakingly beautiful every spring, and without fail, later in the summer all the leaves drop and it looks very sickly, yet it still is gorgeous every spring.

Once awake, I had to arise and make coffee to sit out on the deck and enjoy the view. The sun is lighting the crab tree, in full bloom, and as the breeze stirs, the petals drop to the ground. It is amazingly beautiful.

I love the mornings this time of year, sitting on the deck with my coffee and looking over the yard. I love the garden, it fill me with happiness. When enjoying this view, I even forget about making a to-do list. For a minute or two.

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Weezer said...

Your blooms are beautiful! Our lilacs are pretty much passed, now the iris & peonies are blooming. We're going to try our hand at putting out oranges for the orioles this weekend. We visited a few garden centers so I have a lot of potting to do this weekend before we go back to work after our vacation.