Monday, May 14, 2007

Slower Sunday

Sunday we moved a little slower, no doubt in recovery from Saturday, but we did cover a lot from the list, and added some new tasks:
  • Planted salad greens, yay!
  • Set up hoop house frame over salad bed
  • Connect waterline to hose bib
  • Laid the waterline to the back yard, including solving some hose connector problems with help from our fabulous local hardware store
  • Watered the salad bed and the new blueberries with the new waterline
  • entertained my student employees for dinner
  • did 2 loads of laundry and hung it on the line, mmm I love that scent!
Still to go....
  • Add compost and turn over vegetable garden
  • Fertilize and weed perennial beds (4 of 7 left to do)
  • Turn over working compost pile (when finished bin is empty)
  • Move Golden Mops to new bed
  • Plant new plants
  • Prime the barn wall above the hosta bed
  • Transplant perennials to grape arbor bed --still to go, Lamb's Ear, Flax
Ah, well, that's what the evenings are for!


Sugarcamp said...

Were you looking forward to going to work on Monday?

Ali said...

Hmmm, work or gardening.... is there a choice? And I still have so much I want to do!