Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Seedlings are growing....

The seedlings are up! I had some doubts about the viability of some of my tomato seeds, left over from last year, but all varieties but one germinated very successfully. The Gardener's Delight, Sungold Cherry, and Rose were all left from last year, (from Johnny's Pine Tree Seeds and FEDCO), and all popped right up. The only non-starters? The Marglobe tomato from Burpee Seeds, packed in 2006 and treated just the same as my other seeds (i.e. badly).

I'm dreadfully behind with the seed starting, and when I finally started, I realized I'd forgotten to
place my Pine Tree Seeds order. Yikes! On the Pine Tree list:

Beets--Burpees Golden and Ruby Queen
Brussels Sprouts--Falstaff

Lettuce--Summer and Winter Mix
Melon-- Banana
Peppers--Red Beauty
Radish-- Easter Egg
Pineapple, Sun Gold, Gardener's Delight
Winter Squash--
Futsu Black

Fortunately, I had the tomato, lettuce and some radish seeds left over, and a few beets as well. I planted the tomatoes in pots inside, and sowed heavily outside in the salad greens bed radish, lettuce, and beets. Here's hoping those germinate as well. (I know somewhere I have a list of
seeds that don't germinate well when old, but naturally, I cannot think where the list is just now.)

I really want to try the
Futsu Winter Squash and the Banana Melon, so I'm going to place an order. I'll add more lettuce as I know I'm low on last year's seed. Kyle started lots of seeds, so he's given us a yellow Brandywine type tomato, Lillian's Yellow, so I'll forgo the Pineapple this year.

Since I'm ordering anyway, I may add a few perennial flower seeds to my list... I've got some empty space in the Arbor bed, and I can wait a year for them to bloom. I also started some herb seeds, and a few flowers: Rosemary, Chervil, Sage, Basil, Marigold (in remembrance of our hen Marigold), Morning Glory, Aster, Bachelor Buttons, and maybe a few more I cannot recall.

I'm still suffering with this nasty cold, but I am hoping to get the soil in the far end of the vegetable garden turned, to prepare for peas, and to warm the soil up a bit for pole beans.
Our new vegetable garden plan is ready, now we just need to implement. Ah, Spring. There's so much to do!


Kathy said...

Get over your cold so you can get to work. I know how spring seems to arrive one day and then you are automatically behind. It won't matter what you do or how fast you work...ther is always more to do. I'm trying to prioritize. I'll let you know how that goes. Wishful thinking.

Sugarcamp said...

Your plan looks like a modification of the square foot garden. I also like this method and used it in Stamford. Will also use it in my little front vege garden. Your list of seeds and such is awesome. Mom

Ali said...

Prioritize, she says. Well, everything garden-related is an URGENT, and eveything else is a WHENEVER. I guess that's a start :-)

We are nibbling away, last night after dinner I talked Dan into working on just one small bed. We weeded and fertilized, and got it all done in 30 minutes. YAY!