Monday, July 17, 2006

Finally, it is finished!

Whoo hoo!! Yesterday, nearly a year after we began, we finished constructing our new deck. This was one of those unplanned homeowner projects that started out with a little chore. All we intended to do was replace some rotten siding on the barn, and move the gutter downspout.

Bagfuls of money and herculean effort later, we have a lovely new deck, replaced when we realized that rotten siding was just the tip of the whole rotten problem. Yesterday,
we finished the steps.

Of course, the steps would have been completed ages ago if we were 1) content with a plain square deck, and 2) not amateurs building our first deck, yet unwilling to have it look like our first deck. Nonetheless, it is done now, and looks great, even if I do say so myself. Now we just have to clean, sand and stain it. AFTER we pick out a stain color.

(And I have to extend the gravel landing pad and brickwork, but that's another story!)


Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL! I like the sand color it is now. Mom

Weezer said...

Your deck is beautiful! Stars for the DIYers ******** Love the angled stairway, & when the gravel is in place it will be a "GRAND" STAIRWAY!!