Sunday, August 06, 2006


One of the other memorable treats we ate over our weddng weekend was blackberry pie, with blackberries picked from our very own patch. Blackberries are a favorite of my best friend Holly's dad, Bill.

Bill & Esther are my adopted Indiana family, and the two of them drove out to Maine for the wedding and a visit with Holly. It just so happens that August 4 is also Bill's birthday, so to honor him, we picked blackberries and made a blackberry pie, which he generously shared.

Thus my wedding anniversary always includes some blackberry picking. Friday we picked nearly 4lbs. of berries, and today I picked a little over 3 lbs. Some of today's berries are going to become a Blackberry-Peach Tart, using the recipe from the Rustic Cherry Tart, the rest, along with our earlier pickings, are in the freezer and will be used all winter for fruit smoothies and other delightful treats.

And by the way, Pop. Happy Birthday, a few days late.