Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Today's pickings

Bounty from the garden today includes these lucious sungold cherry and 2 yellow pear tomatoes, and 3 cucumbers, (1 given to a friend). The garden is swinging into full production. The other day we had our first batch of new potatoes, they were scrumptious. With them, our first harvest of broccoli, with more to come this week. And more blackberries, today an incredible 5 lbs., which makes for a total of 12 lbs. to date. It is an amazingly good year for blackberries.

It has been a strange year in the vegetable garden, though. I've been gardening for years, and this year experienced my first crop failure of summer squash and zucchini --lost to the squash borer, a first for me. It was shaking my gardening confidence a bit (how often have I heard that zucchini could grow in a rock pile?) until I was at Goranson's farm and mentioned my lack of success and found they were also having squash problems.

Still, the greens and chard have been good, and there is more to come, and the pole beans are blossoming, and we now have a protective fence around the garden, so there is much more good eating ahead.


Carol said...

Those are some good looking blackberries! Makes me want to plant some in my garden.

Anonymous said...

That's a great story. Waiting for more. »