Friday, August 04, 2006

Happy Anniversary to us

Today is our wedding anniversary. Five years ago today, at a few minutes before 5 pm, Dan and I exchanged vows before 50 of our family and friends, in the backyard of our home, under the same arbor our friends Cathy and Fred used for their wedding earlier in the summer.

It was the culmination of one of the happiest summers of my life, (our first summer in the house) as Dan and I together planned the day and readied our home to be the site for the ceremony. (This excludes the black day when I discovered the evil groundhog had EATEN all the flower seedlings I planted for my wedding ceremony. More than a few tears were shed that day, and it is a good thing I did not have access to high-tech weapons).

My best friend Holly and I arranged all the flowers, purchased from a local grower, Kennebec Flower Farm, and we had an old-fashioned chicken barbecue dinner. My friend Cathy made the cake, and did a truly fabulous job decorating it in plaid, Dan's favorite color. And it tasted really good, too -- real butter in that cake, and a cream cheese frosting.

We later spent much of our honeymoon (and the honeymoon $) searching for and purchasing a new refridgerator which would not require a kitchen remodel to fit in the allotted space.

Five years later, we are still loving each other, our life together, our home, and yes, still battling the evil groundhogs (latest victim-- all the parsley). Would I do it again? You bet.


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!! You are a great couple. What a beautiful cake.

Karen and Bill

Anonymous said...

Wishing you many , many such happy years together. Mom and Dad

weezer said...

It was truly a great day, & wish you many, many more!
good luck on the groundhog...

Lynn said...

Thanks for sharing!! I really enjoyed your Anniversary blog!! Hope you had a wonderful weekend...see you in the morning for our walk!


Anonymous said...

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