Monday, August 14, 2006


Henbogle's happy hens have been busy, as of today presenting us with 6 eggs. (Two were not properly formed, missing the hard outer shell, which according to my research, is common with young chickens just beginning to lay.) Four lovely, edible free-range eggs to the good, today was the day to crack them open and taste the goodness.

We cracked open the largest egg, and were
surprised to see a double yolked egg! That explains the larger size of this egg.

The yolks were bright orangey yellow, and fried in butter, we were in egg heaven. There really is a huge difference with fresh free-range eggs from our own hens. This is a good thing as eggs were not my favorite food unless amended with good cheddar cheese -- I was more interested in the chicken augmented compost I foresee for the future.

And yes, our hens are once again happily free-ranging. Dan and I completed fencing in a significant portion of the back yard and released the girls from the henitentiary. The girls are ecstatic, and happily scratching up the grass and weeds, eating bugs, and making themselves a magnificent chicken spa (aka dust bath). Happy chickens, delicious eggs, all is well with our little world.

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