Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Beauty contained

Last night Dan and I planted the big ceramic pots which grace the deck. A few years ago, we used LOTS of containers on the deck to disguise it's ugliness and the fact that it needed replacement, and also to mark the edge to prevent an inadvertent step off the edge.

With our new deck, we don't need to hide the ugly peeling paint, and the edge is more clearly delineated by the trim around the deck edge and the flower bed next to the deck, so we are using fewer (high maintenance) containers this year.

We planted each container with a geranium and foliage plants, one with a silvery purple theme, and one with a bright green and white theme.

I hope in the fall to get another Meyer lemon tree. The large dark blue pot was purchased for that purpose, and we successfully grew the lemon for three years, getting 6-8 amazingly delicious lemons a year. The scent from the blossoms was incredible, and it seemed pretty content with our bright sunny window all winter.

Unfortunately, the poor lemon succumbed to drought one summer when we did a lot of traveling and our house-sitter was a bit neglectful. The drought led to a scale infestation, and aphids, and spider mites, and disease, etc. and it died an ugly, sad death.

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Kathy said...

Great combination for the planters. Color schemes when well done always are impressive. Who knew green had so many shades? That licorice plant (silvery green) is one of my favorites. The pale green potatoe plant is another. I remember the lemon tree and the heavenly scent you mentioned. Hmmm....summer :~)