Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Now summer begins

Sunday was Dan's last day of class --he's been taking an intensive 3 credit graduate class in technology education, so summer really began for us when he arrived home on Sunday after his last class. My new rose, ordered from from Fedco in December, Morden Sunrise, bloomed in recognition of the event.

We celebrated by making a late day trip to Popham Beach (one of the world's most beautiful beaches as seen in the dreadful movie Message in a Bottle). My best friend Holly has been visiting, and it was a fitting way to end her visit, too, burying our toes in the sand and inhaling the good salt air. We did not, however, dip our toes in the water, as it is still only slightly warmer than liquid nitrogen and won't warm up much until August. Holly headed home via Portland Monday morning (boo), and Dan and I visited the dentist. No cavities, yay :-)

Today we worked on mulching the Holly bed. Whew, it was a big job and a hot day, but we finished, and it looks great. We gave it a good drenching before the mulch, as we have still had little rain, and it is getting pretty dry.

The gardens are chugging along, with buds forming on many plants. I think we'll be approaching peak bloom time in early July, just in time for Dan's and Michelle's big birthday party (Together We're 100) on Saturday, July 7, and visits from Dan's Mom, Dad and Aunt Sue, then later sister Kathy and kids. I hope we have good weather for the party and their visits!

Here's how things are looking.

Morden Sunrise, day 2 of bloom.

The Holly bed, freshly weeded, watered, and mulched.

The overgrown pear tree has pears.

The valerian is in full, hyper-scented bloom. Behind, the asiatic lilies are in good shape thanks to rigorous hand picking of the evil red lily bug with more handpicking and a few applications of Safer's Soap to what few larvae did hatch.

The Mountain Bluet and Lady's Mantle on the left end are blooming like crazy, and the weigela in the center is just fading, but there are buds on just about everything else in this bed.

This selection of hosta is just gorgeous right now.

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Faith said...

All of your plants look great, but the hosta looks especially lovely. :o)