Thursday, June 14, 2007

Peeps Tomorrow!!

Dan and I worked on the chick brooder tonight, in preparation for picking up our new peeps tomorrow. Yes, I said new peeps -- we decided to order 6 more Hubbard's Golden Comet chicks, and they will arrive Friday. We've promised 2 to a woman Dan teaches with, Nina, and we'll keep 4 for a total of 8 hens, assuming they all live. New peeps! It should be fun... we are still thinking about names --should we continue with the flower theme, or move on?

Today I celebrated my first day of summer vacation with a class on home canning and preserving at my county's Cooperative Extension Service office. The class was good, basic but well thought out, and in one of those Maine-is-a big-small-town moments, was taught by a woman I worked with many years ago at Camp Pondicherry, where we were counselors together.

Kathy, formerly known as Alfie, checked out my pressure canner and gave it the ok, and then gave us a good overview of the process, and a stack of handouts with various recipes and dos and don'ts. We practiced our new skills by canning a batch of carrots in the pressure canner, and making and canning a batch of blueberry jam in the boiling water bath canner.

Once home, I put a few more plants in, did some weeding, watered all the recently planted seedlings, pruned the winter-scorched hollies, and puttered about. We are planning a big celebration for Dan's and Michelle's birthday celebration, "Together We're 100," early next month, and then Dan's family will be visiting, so we want the yard to be looking ever so spiffo.

Tomorrow after picking up the chicks, I'm planning on weeding the new garden beds, edging them, and finally mulching. In between, I'll ogle the peeps, catch up on some laundry and house chores, and I hope to tidy up my garden bench a bit.

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