Friday, June 15, 2007

Poor chicks!!

Sad news. I called Paris Farmer's Union to check on our chicks. The mail truck made an extra stop, and all but 10 of the Golden Comet chicks died. I feel very sad for the poor chicks, being shipped itself must be pretty frightening, but to be in a flock of your fellow chicks slowly dying from thirst, starvation and fear, that must be awful.

Paris Farmer's Union has ordered more Golden Comet chicks, and we should have some next Thursday to pick up. We are all prepared to lavish them with love and attention, and give them a happy lifestyle here at Henbogle.


Mary said...

So sorry about the chicks! Re your comment on acer/conifer etc, I like conifers so I still have form and colour during the winter months. My little acer on the rockery is to the right side of a bright green conifir, the left side of a young holly bush, with a young, dark green fir behind it. Also, there is a large yellow/green euonymous next to it. I like cramming as much as possible in, a, to keep down the weeds and b, to make a nice 'picture' - if it gets too crowded, which it usually does, I take some plants out and move them. My plants are well used to being moved around the garden, usually because I put them in the wrong place first time!

Tracy said...

What a bummer, especially for the chicks! I hope the mail truck moves a little quicker for the next batch.