Monday, February 04, 2008

Birthday girls

Happy Birthday to us!

February was a busy month for the Elliott and Tompkins family hospitals. My birthay is February 3, Dan's sister Louise's birthday is today, Dan's Mom's birthday is tomorrow, and Dan's niece Marriane is also a February baby.

Yesterday I enjoyed a lovely birthday party at our friends Karen's and Bill's home, with our other friends Bill and Michelle in attendance. Karen as usual outdid herself with a delicious cake and sparkling beverages; friendship sweetened the afternoon even more. Thanks to all for a great day, and happy Birthday, Mom, Louise and Marianne!


Meg said...

Boy, that cake looks delicious.

Happy birthday, Ali et al!

Ali said...

Thanks, Meg :-)

Bri said...

What a beautiful cake! A very happy birthday to you and all your Aquarian kin!