Friday, February 22, 2008

Project completed

At 3:20 pm today, we finished our microhood installation project. In the end, we decided to wait on the Green man mosaic, simply because making a mosaic is the kind of project that just cannot be rushed, and we really wanted to finish this project (there are way too many unfinished or un-started projects awaiting to leave this one in limbo).

We can continue to think about and look for tile and design ideas for the mosaic project, but in the meantime, I think the completed panel looks great. We painted the panel with some metallic hammered-finished paint we had used before. In this iteration it doesn't look hammered, but I like the color and sheen.

We decided to use oak molding to frame the green man and the panel to make it look more finished. The Green man is secured with velcro, and the molding also helps hold him in place to prevent a tragic accident.

Today we also installed some red oak molding on the existing white oak cabinets, which obscures some paint splooges and other old-house related problems, and makes the mixing of red and white oak look a bit more intentional. I think it looks great, and I feel like other than the ugly tile backsplash, I have a fabulous, highly functional kitchen.

Since buying the house in December 2000, we have completed the following kitchen projects:
  • painted the walls a combination of green (Behr Fox Hollow) and taupe (Behr Beaverwood)
  • installed a new dishwasher and built a cabinet surround for it
  • moved the countertop over the dishwasher and built a granite tile counter insert
  • replaced the now-leaking kitchen faucet (grrr)
  • installed stereo speakers
  • replaced 3 light fixtures
  • installed new picture window overlooking the backyard
  • added shelves to the kitchen cabinet
  • added an outlet to the pantry
  • re-built cabinet from the bathroom and moved it to the kitchen (to the right of the microhood)
  • added outlets for the microhood and range
  • made/installed beach stone drawer pulls
No wonder I love my kitchen!!


Peg said...

Hi Ali: I'm a new reader and had to de-lurk to share my raging envy of your great kitchen. Thanks for the inspiration.

Meg said...

I like what you guys did with the green man! Your kitchen looks great--very functional and cozy. And I really like that your cabinets are open. Kinda like a restaurant kitchen, or something. It's cool!

Tori said...

Hi, Alice!

Your kitchen looks awesome, but I am stopping by to say that we had the Roasted Cauliflower soup for dinner tonight and it was super awsome. We just threw a handful of grated gruyere into it and it was perfect for a snowy night! YUM.



Laura said...

What an amazing job you did - I totally think it looks intentional. And I love your open cabinets, those are my favorite kinds of kitchens.


Ali said...

Thanks all for the compliments! When I think what this kitchen looked like when we started, I am astonished at the difference. I love the open cabinets, too, I just hated the fact the contents got so dusty and greasy -- hopefully I've solved that problem!

I will say things got a lot easier after we bought a compound miter saw and a table saw.

Peg, welcome, stop by often!

Tori, I'm glad you liked the soup, it is one of my favorites. I just found a new recipe for roasted vegetable pot pie and I'm going to be trying that soon, I'll post the results!

Laura, in a few short but looong days, you'll be looking at your own new kitchen (and garden) and wondering where to begin!