Thursday, February 21, 2008

Hanging the tea cabinet

After several coats of latex polyurethane, yesterday we hung the tea cabinet. It fit exactly into the narrow space between the glassware cabinet and microhood. No sooner was it in before I was sliding the tea canisters into the shelves and moving Goldeneye the Rooster (a long ago gift from a friend) to his new home. We cut the last piece of cabinet which will hide the outlet/cord and prepared to install it.

Then Dan had an idea.

Rather than just paint the panel, we could make a ceramic tile mural --our version of 1% for art. Here in Maine all new school construction requires that 1% of the total building cost be spent on art for the building --a great idea, (especially since some communities are so cheap I think they'd prefer to return to the days of the 1-room schoolhouse.)

The crazy thing? We already have this gorgeous bas relief ceramic tile of a Greenman which we could use in the mosiac. We found it while on vacation one summer and loved it so we purchased it with an eye to including it in the kitchen somewhere; probably when we finally rid our kitchen of the world's ugliest tile backsplash.

So, now we are playing with the idea of a mosaic, using ceramic tile we have on hand purchased from tag sales with the original idea of making mosaic hypertufa items. Since Dan is the artist in the family and he has never made a mosaic before and I can barely draw a diagram of the garden, let alone produce artwork, this will be challenging, but fun.

We will play around with the concept and see what happens.

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Kathryn and Ari said...

I LOVE the idea of mosiac. And the centerpiece of that one is really provocative. Can't wait to see it when it's completed!