Sunday, February 03, 2008

Camping fools

We've booked our campsite at the gorgeous and remote Cobscook Bay State Park for next summer. Reservations opened on Friday, so I promptly booked a campsite on Cobscook Point, overlooking Whiting Bay, and then booked Antonio for house-sitting. The photo is of the view from our campsite --nice, huh? Where else can you spend 8 nights directly on the water for less than the cost of one night at a Hampton Inn?

We'll be camping in style, too, with a tent upgrade from my well-loved 20+ year old
Alpine Meadows tent, seen on the right from last summer. We've ordered a spacious new 4-person tent, so there will be plenty of room for our queen-size air mattress inside.

After a day spent wedged in my kayak, or hiking the Bold Coast Trail, I want to stretch out and relax in comfort. I've earned that air mattress after years of the wafer-thin closed-cell foam sleeping pads and a wadded-up fleece jacket for a pillow. With our screen tent and the new tent, we'll be camping in 5-star style, and I can hardly wait.

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