Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wet and wintry Wednesday

Yet another snowstorm dumped 8 inches of snow here at Henbogle overnight before the freezing rain, then rain, then freezing rain, created a wet, slushy mess. Schools and businesses statewide were closed, and even my campus sent staff home early due to the slippery roads and threat of late day freezing.

I was able to work from home today, and while I was on a telephone meeting in the morning, Dan shoveled and used our new roof rake to clean snow off the roof in the ice dam zone. The poor feller was soaked through by the time he finished.

Once I was off the phone, Dan called in to a conference call about the statewide 7th and 8th grade computer program. (In Maine, every 7th & 8th grade student has a Mac iBook computer.) Love it or hate it (and I mostly love it) technology has radically changed the way we work. I for one LOVE being able to work from home on days like today.

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Farmgirl_dk: said...

Ah yes, I remember those conference calls from home and...trying to keep the dog from barking! :-) Loved that 'mute' button.

Technology has definitely changed the way we work *and* live. We had been struggling, since our move 3 weeks ago, to obtain an internet connection. We're good now, but it was an odd feeling to realize how reliant on it we have become!