Monday, May 08, 2006

Another Sunny Sunday

Well, another gorgeous Sunday of gardening excess -- I love it. Again, we spent the entire day outside, and I suffered only periodic episodes of minor guilt over the disreputable state of housekeeping -- somewhat mitigated by collecting a pile of newspapers from off the couch to use when mulching around the fruit trees.

Here's the state of the list. Bold indicates the tasks which were successfully completed:
transplant seedlings
clean bathrooms
re-pot apple mint
plant Fedco shrubs
finish Henbogle House (coop)
pea fencing -- dog deterrent
dig & amend blueberry hedge
oranges out for Baltimore oriole
succession planting lettuce/greens
clutter patrol
mow the lawn
mulch shrubs
pick up plants at Hedgehog Hill Farm

Perhaps you notice a pattern emerging? Fortunately for both the garden and the housekeeping, a week of overcast and showers is called for. Hmmm, I wonder if I'd have time to get to Hedgehog Hill Farm after work one night....

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