Friday, May 19, 2006

Potayto, potahto

Our potatoes from Pine Tree Garden Seeds arrived Thursday, 3lbs. each of Rose Gold and Carola seed potatoes. At the Fedco sale, when I could not recall if I'd ordered the potatoes, my friend Karen and I decided to buy some fingerling seed potatoes, Rose Finn, and LaRatte, to share. It looks like we'll have lots of potatoes this year! So much for the low-carb concept, please pass the butter!

This means I'll have to do some last-minute vegetable garden revising. I want to put the potatoes next to the chicken run in case the potato beetle makes an appearance, and in hopes the chickens will develop a taste for Maine escargot. I think I'll have enough room, if I make the rows longer than I planned. Hmmm....

Dan and I picked up the fence posts for the chicken run last night. It will go right next to the vegetable garden, in hopes the chickens will kill off the sod and pre-fertilize the area, which next year will become additional garden space. Next year, we will do the same to the end of the garden, making it bit longer. After that, we will set up the coop in a more permanent location, and utilize the two doors to have two runs. When one run is in need of a rest, we will reseed it with grass and move the girls to the second run while the first recovers. Our friend Ron gave us that idea, which he used successfully in his previous life as a gentleman farmer. Thanks Ron!

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