Sunday, May 07, 2006

Chick epiphany

Perhaps it was our laughing about "hardening off" the chicks, but today Dan had a wonderful idea. Until Henbogle House is ready, we will relocate the chicks to our cold frame! Voila! They will be out of the laundry room, and will have room to run around, and more space for flight practice.

We'll have to bring the cold frame into the barn and rig up the heat lamp and a hardware cloth cover, but it will do for a week until we move the chicks and I need the cold frame.

While I mulched the new shrubs, and Dan prepped the seed potatoes, we brought the chicks outside with us today and put them in the cold frame. They definitely liked being ouside, they'd cock their heads at the various bird calls, and practice flying. We should have taken photos, but oh well.... next time.

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