Saturday, May 06, 2006

There aren't enough hours in the day...

to get through The List. Yesterday I went to the Fedco plant sale, and picked up:
another red chokeberry
another black chokeberry
3 Winter Red winterberries
a Southern Gentleman to meet theWinter Red's reproductive needs
a Virginia sweetspire
a Canadian serviceberry.

I'm slowly planting these along the long borders on either side of the yard. They are hardy suckering natives, so I'm hoping they will be able to compete with the aggressive weed shrubs coming at me from either neighbor (Japanese knotweed and multiflora rose). I was hoping for several other things, but they were sold out -- I MUST remember to order next year, I can't believe I forgot the order deadline this year. Sigh.

After returning hme from the Fedco sale, we took advantage of clear skies to work on Henbogle House, setting the shrubs aside in the barn for later planting.

We made excellent progress on the coop. All the siding is on and stained "Colonial Yellow." Left to do:
Make the doors and the framing for opening and closing the doors.
Put on the stainlees steel roof
Add latches to the exit/entry doors and clean-out door.
Paint and install the window.

Dan is modeling the use of the clean-out door.

At the rate the girls are growing, we NEED to finish the coop, they are getting big and I am oh so ready to re-claim the laundry room! We've been "hardening" them off, bringing their little brooder pen outside on the deck while we are out, and we''ve now got the heat lamp off in the laundry room. With luck, we'll be able to get them in the coop in the next few days -- really as soon as the stain has thoroughly cured. They have learned how to use their new roost, so they should be ready for their "big girls" roost soon, too.

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