Thursday, May 18, 2006

Feeling their oats, ready to roam

The chicks have settled in to their new digs quite contentedly. Last night we left the lamp off, and when we checked, they did not seem to be cold or uncomfortable at all. We check them twice a day, just for a moment in the mornings before work, then for a good long visit in the evenings, weather permitting.

Today the girls were feeling very adventurous, immediately hopping up to the nest box door to visit and view the world. Zinnia, ever the bold one, even flew down to the grass. In a developmental milestone, we noticed today for the first time, a noise that sounded suspiciously like a "cluck." At one point all 6 of them were sitting in a row, looking around. I think they are trying to let us know they are ready to run in the grass, so this weekend, we need to put up the chicken run.

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Anonymous said...

If the girls were girls, they'd have zits and need new supportive upper body undergarments--ah, the joys of being a teen!