Sunday, May 21, 2006

Chicken Run

Well, we did it, the coop, with much grunt labor, literally (that damn thing must weigh 500 lbs.) was rolled back to the the vegetable garden area, and the chicken run was installed. The girls had their first outing in the pen Saturday morning. Zinnia, bold as brass, was the first out the door, but eventually they all explored a bit, even Hyacinth, who for all her bullying and big size, is well, a big chicken.

We put them back inside the coop Saturday afternoon while we mowed the lawn, mostly to protect their tender sensibilities from my foul language as I dragged the mower through the knee high damp grass. Eventually, with many stops to unclog the grass from the mower, we finished mowing -- just in time for yet more rain. Just as well we mowed when we did.

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