Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Blast from the past

Brr, what happened to sunny and 60F? Winter is back. Apparently last night we had freezing rain-- I had to scrape the car windows, adding to the challenges of reaching escape velocity this morning.

I got home late today, so did not a chance to go and look at the hoop house and poke the thermometer in to see what the temp is. At least the sun was out for a bit today to warm things up. We received enough moisture (rain/hail/sleet) for things to really pop out of the ground. Sunday I noticed the daffodils were just peeking out of the ground, tonight in the car headlights they were up 3" or more. Our first crocuses have bloomed, in the sunny bed against the house foundation, but the ones I planted in the lawn have yet to emerge.

In another sign of spring, the cats have lately chased down 2 mice, and there is a third at large. Last night the cats were intently stalking the living room radiator, to no avail. I've been making sure to don slippers before heading downstairs in the morning -- I'd hate to step on a "gift" from the cats. Ocho seems to be the most interested in the mouse -- although I think Paisley would be right there if jealous Ocho didn't chase her off. Mercedes is installed on the kitchen radiator, so the world can go the hell for all she cares right now, so long as the oil keeps flowing and the heat is on. All's well and good with the world, Mercedes is happy.

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