Wednesday, April 19, 2006


We have peeps!

We brought our girls home today, they are adorable! The settled in to their new home right away. After a quick snack and some scratching and stretching, they are dozing off, and the chirping has quieted to a more contented occasional quiet "peep."

We have yet to decide on names for all, but Hyacinth's bossy behavior made it clear the name fit. Here she is lording it over Marigold, who is currently a very showy, pretty honey color.

And again, Hyacinth, setled in for a snooze and looking very cute.


Anonymous said...

Hey Bud! These peeps are sweet, and won't give you cavities--check your e-mail for photos of the redo.


Mom said...

They are adorable. Good luck! Dad wants to know how many will turn out to be roosters. Is there any kind of a guarrantee? Mom

Ali said...

Supposedly, they are all female chicks, they sex them at the hatchery. I sure hope so! I definitely do not want a rooster. (Although the thought of a rooster crowing in the wee hours next door to teens who play bad music overly loudly has a certain appeal...)