Sunday, April 23, 2006

Building the chicken coop part 2

Saturday we finished the majority of the framing, installed the nest boxes, covered the window opening with hardware cloth, and put on the main fixed roof. We covered the roof with roofing asphalt, and will eventually roof it with the stainless steel sheet metal discussed in an earlier post (A real old-time Mainer).

Here's Hyacinth enjoying her new nest boxes.

The next step is to install the roof section over the nest boxes, which will lift open for egg retrieval and food and water maintenance. After that, we will be ready to put on the siding and build the clean-out and chicken entrance doors, and add the wheels. We'll keep it near the house until the girls are living in it and are old enough to move away from home, then we'll move it to the summer location by the garden.

The forecast today is calling for rain later on, so I'm planning on planting more spinach, lettuce, and radishes in the garden. I don't think we'll get much construction done today. Tomorrow it is back to work for both of us, so today we have to take care of the more mundane chores, such as providing sustenance for the week ahead.

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Anonymous said...

Looks great ,Dan. Thanks for the avian flu info. I wondered about that. Mom