Thursday, April 06, 2006

Yikes! Company's coming....

Confession time here.... I hate housework. Well, maybe hate isn't the right word. It's just that housework--tidying up, vacuuming, folding laundry, dusting (especially dusting, ugh) falls way down low on the lengthy to-do list. And in spring, well, it gets knocked right off the list. When it comes to gardening, as Michele Owens said in her blog a few days ago, I'm already behind.

I do really appreciate it when my home is clean and tidy, I love to cook and bake, and parties are great fun, but who has the time for that when there's any number of high priority outdoor chores on the list? Not too mention all the ongoing home renovation projects on the list in our 1881 Cape -- all of which I might add contribute to the need for cleaning (plaster dust is just impossible).

We have company coming, however, so time to suck it up, literally, and plug in the vacuum. Dan's parents are coming for a visit during April school vacation. It will be good to see them, they live in upstate NY and we don't see as much of them as I'd like. Dan's mom is a terrific gardener and familiar with the joys of zone 4 and 5 (or lower) gardening, so it is always good pick her brains about gardening. Dan's dad is also amazing, a retired carpenter and bona-fide bookworm with a brain chock full of knowledge and interesting facts from his reading. They will be here for the arrival of the peeps, added fun for all.

So, a thorough spring housecleaning is bumped up on the list, but there are still a few other gardening chores at the top:
1) set up the seed-starting cart in the laundry room (which of course necessitates doing laundry)
2) plant seeds
3) prep the vegetable garden
4) prepare for the peeps
5) set up the pea fence and plant peas

I'm sure I'll think of more.... especially if the sun comes out.

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