Monday, April 24, 2006

Rain at last

Finally, the rain we need is here, and perfectly timed to coincide with the end of vacation. Maine Public Radio meteorologist Lou McNally promises a slow moving soaking rain, with clearing later this week, just what the garden (and the Maine woods) needs.

I've been making the rounds, looking at all the shrubs I planted last year trying to determine which lived. The cornelian cherry from Fedco looks to be a goner, and the two clethra bushes look suspiciously dormant, no swelling buds to be seen. How they could have died when the Emerald Triumph viburnum survived even after the devastating 2-prong attack of the evil viburnum leaf beetle, I don't know.

I have to keep reminding myself, though, that it is early (only April!) and very, very dry, and that with a little rain, maybe the buds will swell, and green, and burst gloriously open. I love every plant and I hate to lose any. I had to laugh, though, at blogger Michele Owens' latest post about killing plants.

"In my opinion, any gardener confronted with death in springtime ought to carry on like a merry widow, crying crocodile tears into her hanky while instantly considering replacements and all the fun of auditioning them.

If you're not killing masses of plants, I suspect that you are playing it entirely too safe in your yard."

I've got my Fedco list of potential replacements all ready.

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Candace said...

Don't give up on the clethra yet. They are very slow to get going in the spring. They often don't start leafing out until the end of May.