Sunday, March 11, 2007


Last night I came to the realization that no, we aren't done with the sewing room. I need to give the bedroom side of the door another coat of paint, and we need to make the door for my sewing closet, (seen at the right, still covered with the vinyl tablecloth/drop cloth to protect the contents from spackle dust and paint.) Sigh.

Bright and early, we got started on the closet door, and since we were in the construction business, we also made a door for a small storage cubby under the eaves in our bedroom, a project I've had on my list since we purchased the house.

The trickiest part of the process was determining where to cut the lumber to length to avoid the worst of the knots and flaws, as we'd purchased #2 pine bead board. We made excellent progress and managed to get both doors cut, glued, and screwed together.

Once the glue is dry, we'll be able to cut the
angled corner on the sewing room closet door, and sand and coat with polyurethane, then finally install them. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to get the door painted, and am running out of steam for the day. The room is looking so good, I can hardly wait to move the furniture in and start using it. Perhaps by next weekend, in time for Kyle's birthday party?

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Anonymous said...

You are a superb decorating duo! Mom