Monday, March 19, 2007

Tick tock, tick tock

Amid the craziness that was the past weekend --Kyle's birthday party, the snow/ice storm, a Sunday brunch guest, and the sewing room, it's a wonder we managed, but we did find time to hang a clock in the sewing room.

Dan and I have a thing for clocks; we both love them, the funkier the better. Changing the clocks in our house last Sunday took 20 minutes, and we still forgot the clock in the barn. Most of our clocks came from tag sales, where they were discarded by their former owners, unloved and out of fashion, but we claimed them and love them all. The dining room has 2 clocks, the ornate gold one seen on the left, and the large-dial pendulum clock, a souvenir from Cape Cod. The living room has a box-frame clock Dan found at a tag sale, and my mother's antique mantle clock. **Correction, Dan tells me the box-frame clock came from Dan's childhood home in Brewster, NY.

In the afternoon after my friend Cynthia left, Dan decided to work on the clock for the sewing room. This particular clock was one he brought to the marriage, an old electric model, and we decided it needed to be converted to a battery clock.

As he started to work on it, he realized he'd already completed installing the battery mechanism, but at the time of the conversion, had forgotten to clean the glass and had set it aside to let his frustration cool. Thus, that little project took very little time and was, in fact, easy, unlike every other part of that project. The ornate gold filigree looks terrific against the teal walls, and finally, we have a clock in that room!


Anonymous said...

Tell Dan the clock with the green background on the teal wall looks very familiar. Did it hang in our house at one time? Mom
I like the idea of a different clock in every room

Ali said...

Dan tells me I got it wrong, that clock came from Brewster, not a tag sale. We bought the one we hung in the sewing room at a tag in Lewiston, and Dan says it looked just like Grandma T's.

Love, Ali

Petunia's Gardener said...

Love the clocks. We have some that still haven't caught up to dst yet! But now I know what is missing in the barn. I have a nice little desk lamp for the potting bench, original artwork hanging on the wall & 3 bags of wool looking for a project - but no clock! A new mission for my thrift store excusions.