Saturday, March 10, 2007

The Sewing Room, part cinq

Today Dan and I purchased and installed some nice bamboo roman shades for the sewing room, and then began the final step in the project, painting a design on the floor.

We decided to imprint a design using stamps in a fleur de lis and a star shape. This morning, we marked out a grid pattern with string, really the most challenging and detailed part of the whole process.

Once we finally got down to the painting, it went really fast. We used our cheap yet effective trim roller to load the stamp with paint, and as we had two stamps, we just took turns stamping and loading with the paint.

Working together, we had the fleur de lis stamp pattern completed in less than an hour. Once that dries, we can evaluate our plan to add a star imprint in a slightly darker bronzy-gold metallic paint.

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