Friday, February 23, 2007

Teal for two

Now that we are back at Henbogle, we are working on some coop improvement projects, namely painting the sewing room. Six years on and we are still pecking away at all the painting and redecorating projects on the list; after we paint the sewing room, we'll have one more room to paint before it is time to start re-painting the other rooms, sigh.
The previous homeowners had 3 children; the sewing room was a boy's bedroom, painted a bright sky-ish blue semi-gloss, with a very juvenile wallpaper border around the top of the walls (I could hardly wait to rip the border off, it made the ceiling appear about foot lower).

The former occupant had used approximately one million thumbtacks in the walls, and had covered the ceiling and walls with glow-in-the-dark stickers in the shape of planets and stars, some of which were very difficult to remove. Thus, we had a lot of spackling to do before we could paint.

For the walls, we selected a deep bluish green, Teal Stencil, from Sherwin Williams' Preservation Palette line. This room has no floor as of yet; until a hardwood floor is in the budget, we'll paint the subfloor a taupe enamel (Behr Beaverwood), the same color as the kitchen, with some bronzy gold and Maleya Red accents. Maybe an argyle pattern? No, even I'm not that crazy, we'll use stamps to imprint fleur de lis and star shapes on the floor in a pattern.

Yesterday we spackled and painted the ceiling, and earlier today we painted the walls. Between coats of wall paint, we rode forth to our usual source in search of taupe enamel paint, (we are big Glidden paint fans) but were disappointed to learn Glidden no longer makes glossy floor enamel. Thus on to Home Depot, where of course I was seduced by the siren call of the Black and Decker electric sander for sanding and re-polyurethaning the window frames, but we did find Behr glossy enamel floor paint in Beaverwood.

Back home, we painted a second coat of teal, and tonight removed the painter's tape. Wow, it looks so much better! Dan did touch-up painting while I gave the door a first coat of taupe. Maybe tomorrow we'll be able to start on the floor (currently a vile primary green).

Last year, following some project or other, I created swatch books for each of us (stored in the car & truck) with paint sample chips and other pertinent info about our home's paint palette. We are always collecting paint chips because so often we can't find the color we envision in the Glidden line, so we'll have the paint store colormatch the shade we want from a swatch. I added the Teal Stencil paint chips to our swatch books, it's a keeper.

With the walls finished, now we need to paint the door, the floor, and sand the window and skylight frames and coat with clear polyurethane. We also will sand and poly coat some of the as yet unfinished trim, and Dan will make a door for the sewing/craft closet. This room will look great, and probably will be the first room in the house to be completely finished. Oops, except for the floor, and replacing the overhead ceiling light fixtures.

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