Saturday, February 10, 2007

Chickens that do tricks

Dan and I just went out to give the girls a flake of hay. From the house, we could see them, standing all clumped together by the gate, staring at the house. Do they know it is the weekend and we are home?

As we arrive at the Coop, they begin crooning and clucking, happy to see us. We put the hay in the snow dome, and they immediately begin scratching and pecking, looking for seeds. I collect 5 eggs from the nest boxes. We head back to the house. At the gate, we turn to close it, and there they are, all 5 hens, looking at us. Poppy is all puffed up, standing on one leg, head retreating into her hunched neck. Dan said, "Look, our chickens do tricks, they stand on one leg!" And I said, "As though laying an egg a day isn't enough."


Carol said...

I guess you can't say "bird brained" for these hens!

Ali said...

I'm actually amazed, they are much smarter than I expected. They've done a great job of training me!