Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Floor

Kyle and his girlfriend Megan came to visit today, so in the morning before they arrived, we prepped the windows, then cleaned all the dust and mopped the floor.

We then took a break for lunch and chat, then after lunch Kyle and Megan took Fishy for a walk, and Dan and I poly'd the window frames. They look great, even with only one coat.

On to the floor. Kyle and Megan returned with the dog (darn!), so we pressed Kyle into service to help get the first coat of paint on the floor. Dan edged around the baseboard, Kyle painted the countersunk screw holes, and I rolled. In no time, we had the first coat done. Thanks, kids! We are approaching the finish line, another couple of coats of poly on the worst areas of the windows, and another coat of floor paint, then we get to the fun part, the decorative stamp accent!

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Mom said...

I think you are going to enjoy your sewing room a great deal. The color is beautiful.